Building Systems

Building systems and their respective subsystems, equipment, and components are an intricate part of the function and operational goals of a building. Pitt Electric maintains a high regard of the importance for producing the most quality efficient building systems using top of the line componentry and precise installation. Each of our jobs is run by a qualified foreman with proper OSHA training to deliver your project on time, within budget, and safely.

Our Approach

As with our pre-construction approach, we work collaboratively with the extended team, including Owners and Design Teams, during the Construction phase to ensure designs align with project requirements, including budgets and timing. Pitt Electric uses Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) for better accuracy and quality, lower costs and simplified maintenance.

At Pitt Electric, we understand the negative impact a disruption in the flow of work can have on a company. That is why, we strive to maintain the most extensive knowledge base in the industry to make sure we minimize any possible downtime due to a “troubled” system. Contact us to get top notch construction services.

Our Construction Services Include:

  • 2D & 3D renderings
  • Total Station Robot
  • Clash Detection
  • Multi-Trade Coordination
  • Pre-Fabrication
  • Construction & Maintenance

Need Help With Building Your Next Project?

We provide end-to-end services starting from pre-construction
to construction, design-build, service & maintenance.