Learn How to Upkeep Your HVAC System

upkeep hvac heating and cooling Problems with your HVAC system could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for repair work or replacement. To avoid issues with your HVAC, make sure you go over an HVAC maintenance checklist at least twice a year.

Pre-Season Check Up

For best heating and air performance, have a Pitt Electric contractor do an annual pre-season check up. Energy Star recommends avoiding delayed appointments by scheduling your cooling check-up in the spring and heating check up in the fall. A check up will take about one hour and the contractor will identify any issues.

Routine Maintenance To Properly Upkeep HVAC

During a routine maintenance check-up, there are several things your technician needs to check. First, check the thermostat settings and controls. Second, tighten any loose electrical cords. Third, measure voltage and current. Fourth, lubricate moving parts to avoid friction. Lastly, inspect drains to ensure they are not plugged. If there are any clogs, the AC condensate drain can be cleared with a mixture of water and bleach.

Make sure your you HVAC is on level ground and remove any debris that is on or around the system to avoid limbs from entering the unit. You should also make sure your home’s carbon monoxide detector has new batteries each year.

Clean Air Comes From New Clean Filters

Always make sure that you change out your filters once a month. If you leave a filter in for too long, your energy costs can rise because your HVAC system may not work properly or may be having trouble keeping up. Plus, you will breathe in higher quality air when you change the filters regularly.

Pitt Electric Is Here To Help

Using these tips should help you to avoid any issues with your HVAC system. If a problem does arise, contact Pitt Electric and we can help you!