Your HVAC System: A Necessity on the Hottest Summer Days

Hot Hot Hot

The summer is heating up! As temperatures continue to rise from the 80s to the 90s, it is important to make sure your air conditioner is working properly at all costs!

Ensure your HVAC system is getting the best air performance on the hottest days of the year.  If you feel like your A/C is performing optimally, contact a Pitt Electric contractor to stop by your home and diagnose your system in a one-hour check up visit.

HVAC Technical Difficulties Call For An Electrician

If you are not familiar with personal routine maintenance, do not worry. Once a technician arrives, he will check the total functionality of your heating and air conditioning unit.  Houses heat up and HVAC systems lose optimal performance when AC refrigerant levels are too low. Without enough cooling refrigerant, the air compressor will mess up. The electrician can identify this problem for you.

You may notice that air is not coming out of the vents as strong as it has before. Is the HVAC blowing air condition?  Is it cool enough?

First, the technician will make sure that the thermostat is working correctly and settings are controlled the right way. The airflow is affected by unclean blowers. Adjusting the blower will promote the best airflow.

Changing Your Air Filters Regularly?

Sometimes, the simplest solution to getting the most efficient system performance is by changing out your air filters.  If you aren’t changing them every month, you may very well be adding to the HVAC system problems.  If you just change the filters once a month, this will avoid clogged air filters. Promote the best air flow by replacing old, dirty air filters with new, clean filters.

How Old Is Your HVAC?

The older your air conditioning unit is, the more likely it is to begin cutting out when you need it most on these hot summer days. Replacing the old unit with a newer one is a smart move!  Replacement is necessary especially if your unit has not been properly maintained and is over 10 years old. New models are more efficient and choosing an Energy Star unit will use up to 50 % less energy.  This will keep your energy bill down! Ready to save money. Buy a new HVAC unit to replace your old one and watch your energy bill decrease. Efficiency equals less energy used!

Contact Pitt Electric Today

If you are having any issues with your HVAC system, you need to get a technician out to fix or replace your HVAC as soon as possible. If your home’s A/C goes out during these hot summer days when the heat index reaches over 100 degrees, contact Pitt Electric and we can help you! You don’t have to sweat it out!