DIY Electrical Work is Dangerous: Hire an Electrician!

Why You Should Always Hire an Electrician

Some people enjoy the DIY activities from painting to building a new piece of furniture based on one of the bloggers they follow online. These different projects require a range of skill sets, and if the person has those skills, that’s great! However, if the individual does not have the proper skills for the DIY project, it can be harmful. Doing a project yourself can save you money, but has the potential to cost you a lot. For example, electrical work done by someone who is not a trained professional has many potential areas for harm, some that are lethal! Below we have come up with a short list of some of the risks that you face when doing your own electrical work instead of hiring an electrician.

top causes of residential fire

Electrical Fire Hazards

Although there is not unique data linked to DIY electrical work and residential fires, there is data on overall causes of fires. According to the USFA Fire Estimate Summary, there were approximately 23,900 (8.4%) fires that were a result of an electrical malfunction in 2014. In addition, there were 47,600 (17%) fires due to heating systems. Those numbers show that the risk is already high for these types of fires, accounting for 25.4% of all residential fires. Avoid any additional risk by hiring a certified HVAC technician or electrician in Greenville, NC. We can help you with any electrical projects you may have.


Injury to You or Your Family

Electricity is dangerous and can cause you harm if not handled properly. Trained electricians have thousands and thousands of hours worth of training and apprenticeships. They spend those countless hours perfecting their skills in electrical work. Their exhaustive training allows them to perform safe and efficient project completion. Do not risk your safety by trying to do an electrical job by yourself!


Electrical Malfunctions Can Cause Damage to your Home!

As mentioned above, electrical faults can cause residential fires. That is not the only risk you run by doing your own electrical work. Wiring installed incorrectly can fry or melt on appliances, equipment, or even inside your walls. Many insurance companies do not cover damage to your home from electrical work if the work is not completed by a licensed electrician.


Now you know a few of the risks you run when trying to save some money and DIY electrical work. Let Pitt Electric help you eliminate that chance by providing safe and complete work. Contact us to schedule your consultation or appointment with one of our licensed electricians in Greenville, NC today! We can’t wait to start working with you!