Should You Add a Smart Thermostat to Your Heating and Air

Is a Smart Thermostat Right for You?

Electric bills are bills that everyone has to pay, whether its included in your rent or you are billed separately. In 2015, the average monthly electric bill in North Carolina was $125.51 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Many American’s ask themselves everyday what they can be doing to reduce the cost of this essential bill. Today, we want to talk to you about smart thermostats. This technology has hit the market and though they are not cheap they offer some cost-saving benefits.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that a programmable thermostat can save you up to $180 a year on your electricity bills. Although that may not seem like a lot, it breaks down to a year and a half of “free electricity” based on what you have been paying for heating and air Greenville NC.

Smart Thermostat Basics

You may be wondering how these smart thermostats work, lets break it down:

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Smart thermostats are certainly a luxury, especially if you are interested in all of the bells and whistles. However, there are some simple programmable thermostats that just allow you to program temperatures if the extra features don’t interest you. Pitt Electric can help find a thermostat that is right for your electrical service Greenville NC, contact us today to find out more!